A “practical, but never ordinary” brand. A line of Italian-made loafers steps out with expanded styles, coinciding with an updated brand and refined website.

Thelma Grows Up 

As the brand’s devoted audience grew and Thelma expanded into more stores with more styles, the founder sought a creative partner to rethink the brand and its core online experience.  Beginning with a custom wordmark, the brand’s design suite achieves a presence that stuns without taking itself too seriously. To create an experience that appealed specifically to Thelma shoppers, language reinforced the brand’s personality – vibrant yet refined, and its archetype shopper – practical, but never ordinary.

Website Philosophy

The site is an affirmation and celebration of an inquisitive, mischievous, smart, funny shopper. From that foundation, the site offers an intuitive shopping experience that feels more like browsing an art gallery with quiet but intentional moments of surprise. From touches of handwritten typography to full-screen bursts of color, to layered scrolling interactions and “mood” color descriptions, users are constantly delighted in their experiences of moving throughout the site.