A fiery, feisty food brand with a lot to say and even more to serve. Asian starters launched by two sisters in partnership with acclaimed chefs.

The Concept

Our work for Omsom was inspired by the change produced when forces collide, spark and create something new. Whether it’s an idea or your dinner – the whole becomes more (and different) than the sum of its parts. This cultural point of view, and the heat the founders put behind it, served as the concept for their bright brand identity. 

The Sampler

The showpiece of the Omsom launch – the Sampler – featured Larb, Lemongrass BBQ and Sisig starters. The Sampler’s large format allowed us to keep telling the story of the visual brand’s fiery potential by letting the wordmark take over the space, replicating and distorting as it did so. The packaging is an oversized matchbox-style drawer with melting motifs framing the starters inside.

The Website

Interactive shimmer effects were layered into the website and bright, bold stickers and buttons served as key wayfinding elements. What at first glance appears as loud and chaotic quickly reveals itself to be a smart, intuitive ecommerce hub that makes the shopping experience fun and easy.