Market House

Inspiring uncompromising home chefs. A direct-to-consumer meat and seafood specialty shop launches with callbacks to neighborhood butchers and markets.
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    Brand Identity

    Packaging System

    The brand’s packaging and unboxing experience blends butcher order cards with easy-to-follow instructions for dry ice disposal, product thawing and preparation. Boxes have bold lettering and brand messaging to pique curiosity and anticipation upon delivery. Shipping materials and labels echo butchers again, with custom labels and intentionally modest paper.

    Culinary Textures

    The art-forward brand aesthetic utilizes charcoal textures to represent a variety of preparations – char, smoke or flame – capturing the transformation of the products by customers.

    Photography Direction

    From product photography to lifestyle selects, photo direction is reminiscent of still-life paintings. Carefully arranged products highlight quality while vignettes of prepared food inspire shoppers to recreate a meal worthy of fine art.

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    Lifestyle photography by Kirk Robert

    Customer Confidence

    Brand strategy for launch focused on immediacy and quality – the best meats and seafood delivered straight to your door, overnight, with just a click. Copy reinforced the products’ superiority, explaining cuts and preparation possibilities, educating and supporting the customer in their purchase.