Gild Group

Human instinct, timeless style and the marriage of commerce and technology. Rebranding a retail strategy and services company using Old World inspiration.

The Name

In conceiving of a new name for this ecommerce firm, efforts were focused on highlighting retail culture without being mistaken for a digital platform. The archaic spelling of “guild” was selected for its representation of skilled crafters and merchants with considerable economic power.

Branded Stationery 

A lively, Renaissance-era market scene was used as a canvas for the team’s business cards. Textural boards, glossy foil stamps and debossing were utilized for impactful, luxe effects.

The Website

Upon landing, the same Renaissance piece appears on the website with peekaboo windows to frame micro scenes of work and transactions within the bustling market, alluding to the text’s meaning – that humans have created and traded for centuries and that a digital framework hasn’t diluted that work, rather it’s allowed trade to scale beyond the village market.

Illustrative Details

Throughout the site, custom, hand-drawn illustrations bridge artistic effects with economic action.